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A Course for Everyone

Everyone faces stress in their daily lives. Whether family and relationship turmoil or work and financial pressures, each and every one of us is up against this most deadly killer of people, relationships, joy and productivity—Stress.

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with stress. You feel we won’t be able to get it all done if you weren’t constantly stressing. But the stress overwhelms you and your ability to truly be happy. 

What if you could harness your stress, transform it in a positive way and finally feel free?

With “Set You Free,” Coach Anthony Haskins gives you the evidence-based tools, insights and experiences that work long term. 

Stress doesn’t have to take over your life.

Feeling Scared?

You aren’t alone.

Taking the next step toward conquering stress is scary. If you’re hesitant to dive into the course, remember that a healthier, happier you is a more productive, stronger you. Better relationship connections and a new zest for life are all awaiting your yes. All it takes is a moment of courage and the ability to say YES to less stress.